LORE Viewpoint in MATOA

Sulawesi is one of the regions in Indonesia which is also the center of world attention because of its charm. This province has the most beautiful beaches that can attract both domestic and foreign tourists. However, behind the beautiful beaches, it turns out that Central Sulawesi also has an allure that is not widely known to the public.

The Lore tribe is one of the tribes that inhabit the mountainous areas in the north around the Bada Valley. The location is in the south of the Poso district, Central Sulawesi province. This tribe is unique in the form of its traditional house architecture called Tambi. As a differentiator, a manor house has a buffalo head symbol on it, while for ordinary people’s houses no symbol is attached.

The diversity of ethnic groups in Indonesia is what makes MATOA always try to develop its innovations. With this, the beauty of the Lore tribe and its traditional houses has inspired us to develop a new accessory, namely MATOA Lore glasses.

MATOA Lore combines a minimalist yet elegant design with two types of wood, namely walnut and cherry wood. The steel and wood finish will make Lore’s glasses-less prone to damage. Although these glasses are considered classic, they do not eliminate the elegant concept for its users.

The presence of two types of wood through these eyeglass accessories implies that beauty is not only created by us from time, but also through vision.

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