What is the Clubhouse? How do I join and the function behind the application?

The clubhouse is a new application that is currently a favorite platform for digital players in recent times.

The reason the clubhouse has attracted a lot of attention stems from it was revealed that figures like Elon Musk who used this application as a weapon opened the conversation digitally.


• The clubhouse is a new chat application available on IOS devices.

• To join, you must get an invitation that can only be given by users who are already registered in the application, this application is not available on the App Store.

• The clubhouse is still under development to be made available to the public this year.

The clubhouse is all the rage right now, a cool app that takes social networking to the next level, during Clubhouse sessions anyone can join in and hear people talk about a wide variety of topics with a variety of people from celebrities to thinkers and opinion leaders. There are no posts, photos, or videos, only profile photos of people and their voices.

Unlike Twitter or Facebook groups, the Clubhouse room is not free for all and is like a conference call, with a group of people acting as moderators on a virtual stage. At the Clubhouse, you can find out who is speaking by looking for the subtle gray circles around the participant’s photo. Anyone can start a room and set it to be “open,” which means other users can log in.

A “social” room means that only the people we follow can join in. And “closed” is only for invited guests. The app also has a “club”, which can create recurring rooms and have members.

We can follow people or clubs to find out when they moderated or participated in a room. Click on the calendar icon and you can see a list of suggested or unfiltered rooms that occur at a specific time. There is no way to delete an account in the application or online, but you can send an email to the company to request deletion.

Why is the Clubhouse so popular?

The clubhouse is growing rapidly due to several factors including the growth strategy implemented by the start-up founder to drive downloads and attract users, along with the timing of its launch amidst a pandemic. The invitation-only format, WP reports, attracts Silicon Valley insiders, who treat the app like a safe space to talk to colleagues.

Is Clubhouse the next Zoom?

We have witnessed an almost similar phenomenon when the Zoom meeting has become a prima donna in the midst of a pandemic. After almost 1 year, Google meet and Zoom meeting lost their appeal, because most users tend to be reluctant to use the video features in them. The clubhouse has the opportunity to become The Next Wonder in terms of choosing a work coordination platform as well as an open discussion, depending on how the leaders use it, which is wrapped in a start-up theme, is one that can be of value to its users, to be able to boast and share this hype among others. platform, we predict this is one of the possible schemes associated with the growth of this new application.

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